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Page about parrots in Croatia.
I'm 21 years old I started to play guitar at the age of 13 and joined the band when I was 14 We have competed to the battle of the bands and there I got a good experience.
I was a victim of racism in the past! Like when we're waiting in line, i have always to be at last because I'm a foreigner.
when I created my band, we have given a chance to perform in the Anti-Racism festival here in Athens and the crowd likes our music If i lived in the Philippines, maybe I've never get involved and learn music or I will never be who I am now.
here in Greece, I have more chances to reach my goals than in the Philippines.
I feel excitement, I feel to give what I got to prove myself.
I will be very happy If the 4 coaches will turn.
even if nobody turns, I will still be very happy that i did this and they let me express my music.
Bravo!!! This is it, this is a very nice moment One voice, one guitar, one song the way you started is amazing! it's very difficult to do that.
thank you very much! What's your name? "Allan Paul" Which one is your nickname and which is your real name?.
"Both are my real name" A both Allan Paul? Where you from?.
"From the Philippines" Bravo!!! yheey!! how long have you been here in Greece Allan? I was born here you were born here, Bravo nice! Mabuhay! Mabuhay! Have you been in the Philippines before?Yes! except from the song that we're gonna make if you choose my team we will gonna dive in right away because you are very very good! sorry, are you the only one who turned? no, no, we all turned around.
My mother will be very happy! Mama where ever you are watch me! what 's the name your mother? Leony or Melani well except from songs, you will also going to talk us about the Philippine cuisine.
If we become a team the things that many people don't know about Filipinos and the Philippines in general that they love music very much they play a lot of music.
They sing everywhere.
and the are very good musicians.
I don't know if many people know this things! Me, I have the luck to know this things, because I have visited Philippines for many times And.
Except from It has very beautiful places, It has also very good people! Thank You! I want to ask a question.
Please! let's say in the last five to six years can you tell me a singer that inspire you most? My Mother! No, no an artist A Mother is always number one! no body will ever replace a mother! So his mother sings also!!! In the last 5 to 6 years, I have Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J umm, them.
John Mayer? Yes, John Mayer Because his the first artist that you brought to me.
because me, I vow down to John Mayer I like him very much.
I have a live performance lately and I have sang one of his song maybe that's why I got my inspiration from him.
I like you a lot! than you very much! Do you always perform only with your guitar or.
I have my Band ah ok. More about yacht rent Croatia here.
The Name of your band? It's "FROM A TO Z" And what music are you playing? different foreign music that are in the market today foreign yes! and whatever song that i like to play Greek songs, Do young sing also? No, but I can try ( try Greek songs also don't be afraid) I mean, I didn't say that i will never sing a Greek songs I like Greek songs! Because it's lyrics is too deep and I feel it! The voices most of the time but also it's music.
do you do something else in parallel with the music eeh.
I do recordings.
you only work with music? Yes So you are available to be devoted completely to music.
yes Have you told us your age before? I'm 21 Bravo, you have the time and talent ahead of you and.
you also bring with you something that is beautiful and authentic When you say your recording? Yeah, I write songs and I sell them and I also do live shows.
what you mean you sell songs? I sell lyrics and melodies.
a, why you didn't give us something? your friends, how they call you? Allan Allan, I hope they can watch you in the Philippines through youtube So that they can vote for us, if it is possible But I want you to know that if you choose my team we will also sing Greek songs and all Greek people will love you.
If you choose to my team The next song that you will going to sing will be your own song in which we will going to try to put it in production and.
If you lost, at least you lost with your dignity.
Allan, I just simply want to say to you come with me that simple, because their arguments are very strong specially after what Panos just have said, I will be this small! What can I say.
Allan, Who ever coach you go with, you'll going to do well, I'm not worried about you at all! but come with me Allan! what you have said before, was very nice to make his own song Why not? he write songs.
can you sing one for us, before you choose a coach Yes of course one of your songs [ is it allowed] some thing that you wrote ( of course it's allowed) Allan, I want you.
come with me! come with me my boy! You see the thing that I have promised to you one minute before have just happened! So, what else can I say.
So,you don't need him any more.
Come with me let's do our Greek song and we will experiment in different things.
I will cook for you Adobo Me, I will Learn Tagalog Until tomorrow.
Who turned first Allan, Who turned first? first of all, if yo didn't told him that you also turned around He will remain to the idea that I am the only who turned around and i will win.
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